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Thought Leadership Packages

Define the conversation in your industry and grow your brand’s reputation by producing powerful written content.  

Packages are available from 6 to 12 posts, which can be written and published on any timeline you like. All packages include a strategy consultation.

Individual posts are also available (check out our Positioning Essays).

You’re my ideal client if…

You have a complicated, nuanced, and/or misunderstood business model that will disrupt your industry, if only you can win over the masses. You have strong opinions about your industry, and you’re not afraid to take a strong public position on issues.

You’re looking for a fixed number of posts that you have a specific purpose for (a pitch, a press release, a Medium blog post, a contributed post on Forbes, etc.), and you have a PR or marketing team or individual available to help distribute the content.

Why invest in thought leadership?

  • Raise public awareness about issues central to your business
  • Earn the respect of influencers in your industry
  • Gain clarity about your message

What are some examples of effective thought leadership?

The following are some top notch examples of thought leadership pulled from the Humanicity portfolio.