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Press Release

Announce your big move, acquisition, new executive hire, expansion plans, or event details, and DON’T BURY THE LEAD.

Reporters get bombarded with press releases full of useless spin and zero newsworthy information.

We’ll be honest with you. If your announcement is not newsworthy, we’ll tell you. We won’t waste a reporter’s time and damage your connection with the local news. We’ll get the news out in a way that gets a reporter’s attention, and also provides the context the world needs to understand your story and your journey.

A basic press release includes:

  • Onboarding interview to get the gist, understand the context, understand the angle
  • Up to 2 interviews with CEOs, partners, or spokespeople for quotes (these can also be submitted via email)
  • Up to 800 words
  • Up to 3 drafts with two revisions

We can also help you create talking points, anticipate reporters’ questions, and distribute your press release to the right media outlets.