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Case Study

Demonstrate the value you can provide to your ideal clients by telling the story of how you solved problems for a previous client.

A case study is an in-depth client testimonial created to help attract more of your ideal clients. It typically involves at least two interviews, one with the client and one with you, but can include up to four interviews. No matter how complicated the industry or how technical the challenge you helped your client overcome, Humanicity can find a way to tell the story in a clear, concise way that a 7th-grader could understand.

You’re my ideal client if…

You need help telling the story of your work with a specific client, in order to attract more similar clients, and you have a strong internal marketing team and a functional and efficient website. (If your website needs a rewrite, check out our website copy services!)

Why invest in case studies?

Case studies can help you break into new industries that aren’t familiar with how your services could improve their operations and help them make more money. Case studies help your ideal clients gain confidence that your solution is right for them.