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Branded Publication Retainer

Become the go-to source of insight and perspective for your clients and fans with a regular branded publication. Create evergreen content and react to current events with an on-demand copywriter.

Retainer contracts can be set up for one article per quarter up to 6 articles per month.

Retainers are month-to-month contracts that guarantee Humanicity’s availability for the agreed upon scope of work. The fee is due monthly even if the client does not take advantage of the full scope of work.

You’re my ideal client if…

You know that in order for your mission to succeed, you need to influence the world around you in a specific way. Maybe the world needs to abandon its outdated methods and embrace your new approach to an ongoing problem. Maybe the public needs to change the way they think about a social issue before they can understand the power of your solution.

You want to lift new ideas, new thinkers and new doers into the public spotlight to encourage discussion and collaboration through a regular digital publication. You’d love to feature a mix of ghostwritten content from your team, contributed/ghostwritten articles from members of their community, and feature articles from respected journalists.

Why invest in a branded publication?

  • Improve SEO on your website to increase traffic from your ideal clients
  • Create shareable content for social media
  • Build relationships with your clients and fans
  • Raise awareness of your brand and mission

What are some examples of branded publications?

Here are some branded publications that we admire (but had nothing to do with creating).